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  • Use Your Willpower to Create Good Habits

     What is Willpower?

    Developing new habits can be a key to unlocking a happier, more successful life and to do this you’ve got to have willpower to be a winner. Willpower is one of the best motivational tools ever because the strength it gives you ensures you will succeed.

    The problem with willpower is that your weaknesses can sometimes overcome it. As a result you start to do things to sabotage the formations of your new and lasting good habits. For instance willpower can commonly let us down when attempting a diet. It lets you rationalise that you deserve that piece of cake. Whilst one slice won’t make you gain weight the problem lies when you’ve ruined your winning streak. Consequently you convince yourself you might as well pig out and enjoy yourself – the concept of a healthier diet goes out the window.

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    To make lasting and successful habits you need to develop the willpower to be able to withstand the temptation to rationalize something that jeopardizes your progress. The major elements to building this strength are visualising success and planning ahead.

    Visualising Your End Goal

    Simply swearing to never do something again and desiring to be successful are not enough alone. The hard work comes in by navigating intimidating obstacles preventing you reaching your end goal. When you’ve accepted problems as part of the process understanding that you can overcome them is only a tiny step away. The next stage is to identify a clear end goal.

    Think about how having an abundance of willpower will reward you. Will you be fit and healthy from sticking to your exercise routine? Will your business have boomed from all the dedication you’ve shown? Will you have impressed your friends and family?

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    Planning Ahead

    Finally, you need a plan of how to get closer to your goal. This map will consist of several smaller goals between where you are now and where you ultimately want to be. Willpower will power you forward and help you stay on track.

    Being aware of some of the obstacles you might encounter is a good part of planning ahead because this allows you to prepare. These problems begin to appear smaller. For example if building an online business part-time you know you’ll need to prioritise working in your home office over taking to the sofa and turning on the TV.

    Creating new habits will get what you want to go. This process may be move slowly, but when you’ve created your new ‘habit of success’ everyone will envy your new found willpower.

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