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Relationship & Couple Issues


Our close relationships are a very important (the most important?) aspect of our lives.  They affect and/or are affected by our stress levels, our unrealistic expectations, our low self-esteem, our lack of assertiveness, our memories of earlier failed relationships, our inability or unwillingness to make time, our general health.

How often do we fail to listen, to really hear what is being said to us?  How much do we take someone very important for granted?  How often do we make choices which sabotage a developing relationship or undermine a previously established one?  How often do we wrongly anticipate a response or reaction based on our experience in an earlier relationship?

If you find yourself with relationship problems it can be all to easy to ignore them and hope they go away. Unfortunately ‘crossing our fingers’ is not a good enough strategy to make things better.

Our experienced relationship Counsellors work with couples from all backgrounds including same sex couples to help you rediscover communication and look at the future. Sometimes couples decide that being apart is the right option.

View our profiles of counsellors with specific focus in Relationship and Couples Issues below and call us on 0121 314 9903 for information on how to be referred to a counsellor of your choice.

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