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Anger Management

What is your anger costing you?

Anger Management often has its root causes elsewhere, and the anger is just a symptom of what is going on in life or in a relationship with another person at home or work.

Our specialist anger counsellors led by Martin Hogg run regular workshops in addition to providing ‘one-to-one’ Anger Management counselling in Birmingham. SEE DATES BELOW!

Anger is a natural emotion but when actions become inappropriate we hurt our self and others, throw and destroy things. We can say mean things we later regret. If anger is disproportionate to the incident  that sparked it, then it is probably time  to take a deeper look at your anger.

Our Anger Management Courses and ‘one-to-one’ Anger Management counselling concentrates on root causes, coping strategies and practical actions. It can be really hard to take the first step and admit you have a problem with anger and rage. We try to make it easier by giving you the chance to have a chat with one of our counsellors on the phone before committing to attending a course or one to one counselling.

If you have more to lose than your temper our anger management programmes are delivered in person, via web  and in small anger management groups at venues in Birmingham. One to one anger management is also available in Birmingham.

Employers with angry employees often refer their staff to us as part of a ‘return to work’ programme or following disciplinary action. It is best that an employer ‘nip this in the bud’ before the affects of someone’s anger cause further problems in the workplace

Upcoming Anger Courses

Click a date below to securely book online or call us on 0121 314 7075

Payments are taken by course provider Citizen Coaching CIC


Next Dates 2023 January 28th March 25th call us 0121 314 7075

All Courses Run 10:30-5pm (Registration from 10am) cost £127 – includes follow up online course & support if required


For more information and to arrange a free phone consultation contact Judy Cawley or Martin Hogg on 0121 314 9903 or via the contact page.

Don’t Want To Travel To Birmingham? Why not get started with our Anger Management Online Course (Get started in 5 minutes from now!)

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