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Self Esteem & Confidence Building

self-esteem-confidence-buildingPeople often ask ‘How do I deal with confidence and self-esteem, overcoming negative feelings I have about myself?’

If you believe you have low confidence & self esteem or need to boost your self confidence, our one to one counselling and group confidence-building and assertiveness workshops can help you overcome your negative feelings about yourself.  Many people’s lack of self-confidence originates from when they were young, whereas others lose confidence following a traumatic event or negative experience.  This can result in a lack of trust in others or ourselves. Some people even end up with reckless behaviour or, at the other end of the scale, excessive shyness.

At Birmingham Counselling Services we offer you a number of different solutions to help with low self esteem and a lack of confidence:

  1. Our experienced counsellors can provide a one to one programme helping you identify the origins of self esteem issues and overcome a lack of confidence.
  2. Our one day courses in self-confidence and assertiveness can help you discover the language and tools to break free of the negative self-image that holds you back.
  3. If it feels too soon to be attending a course or counselling or if your busy life means that it is just too difficult to get away, our Unstoppable Confidence Programme includes a CD and extensive notes and workbook to help you rediscover your self-   confidence and rebuild self esteem from the comfort of your own home.

Remember your low self-esteem and lack of confidence can be a belief and not a fact and many people find that they can overcome both of these with the right support.

“People who value and accept themselves cope with life”

View our profiles of counsellors with specific focus in Self-Esteem and Confidence Building below and call us on 0121 314 9903 for information on how to be referred to a counsellor of your choice.

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