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What is Hypnotherapy?

There are a lot of misconceptions around what Hypnotherapy is. A lot relating to “will I be made to cluck like a chicken?” type of stuff. This has come from the media portrayal of what Hypnotherapy is. In simple terms, Hypnotherapy is being in a deeply relaxed state (often referred to as being “in trance”) where suggestions are presented to your unconscious mind. 

At all time, you are in control. You have a choice whether to accept the suggestions given and how quickly you accept them. Many people come to Hypnotherapy with an expectation of feeling markedly different from their present state of consciousness. Going in to a Light Trance may feel no different from being relaxed as being in trance is a natural state. Many people find Hypnotherapy a deeply relaxing experience as you access deepening levels of the natural state of being relaxed. 

How does it work?

When under trance, many people have an increased susceptibility to suggestions presented to them compared to when in a standard waking state. Everyone’s susceptibility is different and there are differing techniques the Hypnotherapist will try with you to understand how susceptible you are. 

Hypnotherapy is a technique that accesses the unconscious part of your mind when you are guided into a relaxed state. This is due to the bypassing of the CCF which stands for Conscious Critical Faculty. This is done through using guided relaxation and deepening relaxation statements. Once in a relaxed state, ideas and suggestions are presented straight to the unconscious mind allowing for them to be accepted as long as they are in line with the individuals own internal values and beliefs. Once accepted, these will be acted upon in everyday life. 

Hypnotherapy will work as well as the individual believes and accepts the suggestions. For many it can be life altering and help to eliminate many negative areas of their lives. Working with the Hypnotherapist and being honest and open will ensure that the changes created are long lasting. 

What Hypnotherapy can help with

Hypnotherapy is a technique which can help a variety of difficulties experienced. It works well with changing habits, increasing confidence and self-esteem, phobia elimination, and can help with treating anxiety and depression alongside many other issues. Get in contact if there is an issue not indicated here and you would like to see if Hypnotherapy is suitable. 

Suitability for Hypnotherapy

As Hypnotherapy is a complimentary therapy, it is in no way a substitute for more medicalised therapy including medication of any type. Any uncertainty regarding whether Hypnotherapy is something for you to try should be discussed with your doctor and Hypnotherapist prior to any Hypnotherapy. 

Individuals diagnosed with any psychiatric or neurological disorders may not be suited for Hypnotherapy and it would be appropriate to clarify with your doctor first. 

Counsellors that offer hypnotherapy:

Charlotte Povey

I offer a warm, empathic and non-judgmental counselling service. Let’s admit it, life can be really tough. Sometimes, we need a bit of extra support…

 Custard Factory

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