Coping With Grief, Loss & Bereavement


The death of a significant person can be a devastating loss.  Many people feel unable to fully connect with the loss of a loved one and feel guilty about that.  Often people wonder if they are even ‘going nuts’.  Everyone experiences grief differently and there is no ‘normal’ or ‘right’ way to grieve.

Some of the natural emotions that people face following the loss of a loved one include feelings of:

Loss – That feeling of abandonment or sudden loneliness
Anger – How dare they leave now.  Why have they left me?
Shock – I was completely taken by surprise
Disbelief – The utter impossibility of disbelieving that they are gone
Denial – Still expecting the person to walk in at any moment
Confusion – Feeling overwhelmed and confused by the situation
Regret and guilt – wishing we had said (or not said) something or done more

Grief can go on for many years, with anniversaries, significant dates and holidays being particularly difficult.

Many people describe the following symptoms of bereavement and loss, including ongoing or continuing sleep problems, numbness, bouts of depression, suicidal thoughts, fear of the future, shame and an inability to concentrate.

Our one-to-one counselling for bereavement and loss can support you through difficult times and beyond.

Why not have a free chat with one of our counsellors today to find out more about how our one to one counselling for bereavement?  Simply call 0121 314 9903 or contact us via the contact form.

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