• How to Build Confidence in Yourself One Day at a Time

    Many of us have dreams for our lives but lack the belief in ourselves to actually make them come true. As a result we can left feeling like we’re going around in circles. Building up self-confidence motivates us to find ways around the bumps in the road to help reach our destination of success.

    Here are 3 helpful exercises to help you gain the self-confidence you want:

    • Start a confidence-boosting journal.

    Put simply this is a space to fill with all the positive things you’ve done. This builds confidence because most people don’t take the time to stand back and appreciate all they’ve achieved in the space of 24 hours. Showing yourself all your accomplishments, no matter how small, is a fantastic motivational tool.

    • Don’t forget the small stuff

    Remember to include the 5 random acts of kindness you’ve shown today, the recipe you’ve learnt or that book you’re really enjoying. Putting all these little things together is important because once you do, they don’t seem so little anymore.

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    • Breakdown your goal into bite-sized chunks

    Setting yourself a huge task can make it difficult to know where to start. The prospect becomes daunting to even the most experienced of us all. However, if you split it into daily chunks then you acknowledge you’re that tiny bit closer each day. As a result real confidence in your abilities forms and before you know it you’ve reached your primary goal.

    For example you might set out to save £500 for your holiday without much of a plan as to how you’re going to do that. Consequently you could fail and not be able to go jet setting towards the sunshine!

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    On the other hand, if you put £5 in a jar everyday by swapping to a packed lunch then you save £35 per week. You’ll be packing your suitcase in no time.

    • Inspirational quotes.

    A boost of motivation for when we need it most. They act as little reminders that you can do this.  You can even add them into your journal entries to help you stay on track.

    Before long we’ll all be self-confidence masterminds, but sometimes we need some guidance along the way. The experts at Birmingham Counselling Services are here to help you, get in touch at: https://birminghamcounsellingservices.co.uk/

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    Edited by Anna Perry
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