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    The cry of despair heard from married couples all over the world. You entered into marriage with great expectations of long-term happiness and fulfillment. However, the ship of matrimony was launched in troubled waters and began sinking without a plan of action.

    What do you think? Do we sink or do we swim?

    Admitting the marriage isn’t as perfect presents a huge challenge in itself. This is because it can be viewed as a failure and some may enter into a state of denial. Alternatively, some become bitter from broken dreams and promises. But either way you cling for something or someone to come and rescue you from the reality of your situation.

    Unfortunately there is no miraculous fix. Swimming to safety requires effort, determination and the cooperation of both partners to do so. If one of you gives up hope then it becomes extremely difficult to salvage your relationship.

    Marriages are easier to save when repair begins early. Yet many couples become wrapped up in their day-to-day lives and slowly ignore signs their relationship is going downhill. For example you or your spouse may begin to refer to ‘me’ as opposed to ‘we’ when your lives start to drift apart. This subtle changes shows a lack of togetherness. It is important to address this because being interested in what is good for the both of you is essential – without it the relationship begins to fade.

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    It’s Time to Refocus

    When things are going well it’s easy to ignore the petty things that annoy you although, as things become more fractured criticism increases. This change can alter the respect and love felt by both parties and whilst values and commitments may change, love and respect should remain constant. To combat this try refocusing upon all the positive things about your partner and replace criticism with compliments.

    Refusing to admit responsibility can create unnecessary conflict. You must be able to concede the notion of who’s right and wrong and think about what is best for the both of you. Forgiveness from both sides is the only way towards reconciliation.

    Some couples don’t like the idea of marriage counselling. This in itself can be a bad sign. This tried and tested method of repairing relationships is a highly effective option that most couples benefit from. Refusing to consider it can mean you are not be willing to work to mend your marriage. Giving both partners the opportunity to discuss their point of view in a safe, calm space can be really beneficial. Here at Birmingham Counseling Services we hope you found this article helpful and if you’d like to reach out get in touch at: https://birminghamcounsellingservices.co.uk/

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