Confidence Building

If you believe you have low self esteem or need to boost your self confidence, our one to one counselling and group confidence-building workshops at our Birmingham centre can help you overcome your negative feelings about yourself

Fighting Depression

Depression can often be sparked by a major life change such as separation, bereavement, retirement, illness or trauma. If you are feeling the effects of depression then our counselling services can provide you with the support you need.

Anger Management

Anger Management often has it’s route causes elsewhere, and the anger is just a symptom of what is going on in life. Our anger management courses and one to one counselling concentrate on root causes, coping strategies and practical actions.

Relationship Issues

Our close relationships are a very important aspect of our lives. If you find yourself with relationship problems it can be all to easy to ignore them. Our experienced relationship Counsellors work with couples from all backgrounds

Client Voices

Here's what people are saying about us...

"Very welcoming, a safe space to talk openly without judgement. Very helpful - Thank you!”


"Helped [me] realise how to see things differently.
Really grateful."


"I had couples counselling with you, we didn't know here to turn and got to the stage where we were arguing all the time
We found a new way of communication and got to the heart of the issues"
- P&A