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  • Productivity Leads to Happiness

    Productivity in your work can help you to be happier, and happier people tend to be more productive.  Some people are naturally productive, while many of us have to work a little harder at learning a new way of life!

    Productivity Happiness

    So, how does productivity lead to a happier and healthier life?

    Enjoying What You Do

    Working in a field you enjoy helps you to be more productive, giving you a sense of pride in the work that you’re doing. Of course it’s hard to be happy when you’re doing work you don’t enjoy.

    If you feel unhappy at work why not look for a new job? Easier said than done, we know. Alternatively, you could speak to somebody at work or look for ways to make the workload less intense or the environment more comfortable.

    Perhaps you don’t have a job, which in this case we advise you become more active in your job search. There are several jobs out there, it’s just a case of attending job fares, searching online and generally making yourself as employable as possible!

    Confidence in Your Ability to Accomplish Goals 

    When you’re productive, you can feel more self-assured about your ability to do what needs to be done, whatever your goals may be. Productivity gives you concrete evidence of your accomplishments.

    Financial Freedom

    If your job is commission based and you’re able to meet targets sooner, this will allow you greater financial freedom. Likewise, altering your budget should enable you to afford basic needs, or even some luxuries! While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly helps to know that you’re not struggling!

    Helping Others 

    When you’re productive and get more done in less time, you’ll find more opportunities to help others. Ultimately when you serve others you feel happier- research shows this over and over!

    More Time for Fun

    When you get your work done in a set amount of time, you actually have more free time. Having more time for fun, family and friends will lead to contentment and better relationships, therefore you will feel more positive when working and get more done. A positive cycle!

    This brings us to mindset..

    The Right Mind-Set

    Productive people are more likely to develop a positive mindset based on what’s most important. When you have solid priorities in life you’ll find that happiness comes to you more easily.

    If you’re struggling to be productive, you’ll find the investment of time in becoming more productive will be returned with more free time, more fun, and a happier outlook on your work and your life.

    For tips on how to be more productive, please read our Time Management article.

    Edited by Samantha Turner
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