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  • How to Persuade Anyone and Get Your Confidence Back

    The art of persuasion can help you get that promotion, make a sale or get your child to eat their greens. How we present ourselves and our ideas matters because if we persuade others we can tilt the outcomes in our favour. Appearing confident and knowledgable can make those compromises easier to negotiate. This is all possible by learning how to explaining your ideas persuasively.

    Take look at our tips to develop your power to persuade:

    Be Personal

    Beginning conversations by introducing yourself and learning the name of the person you are talking to will start to establish an acquaintanceship. After this it’s really important to use their name often because having this foundation enables you to build trust. If you keep conversations on a personable level it makes you seem more interested in who they are. As a result they’re usually left not wanting to let you down.

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    Typically in life in order to get something, we have to give something in return. Exchanges have always been an essential part of our society, from bartering to money. Through offering something pleasant first we present a better version of ourselves. When this offer is authentic and not a form of forced bribery they will become more receptive to your ideas. In addition to this, most of us feel an urge to reciprocate kindness – this means that most of the time you will receive something in return.

    This can be as simple as offering someone a cup of tea or giving them a free sample of your product. The possibilities are endless so get your creative hat on and give it a try.

    The Power of Authority

    Our human nature means we listen to what authority figures say – at least most of the time! Telling someone that your product is great is one thing, but being able to say according to scientific studies most people thought your product was great has more conviction. We trust authority figures such as experts and scientists because we perceive them to be intelligent. In fact, Stanley Milgram’s famous obedience study showed that believing someone is smart makes you more likely to obey – this can be as simple as them wearing a doctor’s white coat.

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    If you can prove what other people think of your product this will be more effective than speculating because establishing facts forms a basis everyone can appreciate. From here you can show how these facts support your proposal. This structure can lead to many successful business deals and partnerships.

    Stay Quiet

    Just as people have an urge to reciprocate, they also have an urge to fill silences. After making your point, try remaining quiet. The other person tends to feel they need to say something in response. Repeating your point several times without giving time for them to absorb it usually doesn’t help. Creating some time in between avoids being overly pushy or off-putting. When they break this tension they may be more likely to compromise because agreeing is usually the easier response to give.

    This all gives us some food for thought. Maybe the reason you’re here is because you need the confidence to help impress your boss. The experts at Birmingham Counselling Services can help you resolve the issues holding you back, get in touch at: https://birminghamcounsellingservices.co.uk/

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