• Exercising Your Way to Better Focus

    The long-standing knowledge of connections between the mind and body can be manipulated to your advantage. If you’re struggling to stay focused, exercise may be the solution to your problems by giving your concentration levels that much needed boost.

    Get That Blood Pumping

    The best pick-me-ups involve getting the blood flowing quickly around the body.  The more blood that reaches your brain, the more oxygenated your brain becomes. This oxygen provides the energy you need to have the ability to focus. Some of the easiest and best ways to do this include running, star jumps and squats. exercise, exercising, focus, focused, focusing, productivity, work, stress, anxiety, counselling,

    This quick burst of brain power lasts for a long time – up to 3 hours worth of improved focus! The good news is that you can easily add these exercises into your routine. Beginning your day like this improves your focus throughout the morning or a quick midday sprint can help you to beat the afternoon blues.  But what about long-term effectiveness?

    Feel Good Factor Chemicals

    The reason some people have difficulty focusing is as a result of depression. In fact you may be experiencing depression and not even know it. Exercising regularly, for example aiming for 3 times a week, can combat these effects by improving your mood. Exercise is proven to release endorphins, otherwise known as ‘feel good factor’ chemicals. In addition to this they actually help to improve your brain’s peak performance. This helps to ward off depression, lifting your mood and keeps you able to concentrate on tasks for longer periods of time.

    The best part is that any activity that increases your heart rate will work. It’s purely a personal preference what you choose. Try cycling, jogging, tennis or rollerblading! Doing this regularly can help your body to better balance the effects of stress. If you feel overload your mind becomes muddled and releasing this stress can improve your ability to focus. Developing an exercise routine you enjoy is a simple, healthy way to do this.

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    If that wasn’t enough to convince you, exercise can reduce physical anxiety, increase your self-confidence, helps you let go of distracting thoughts and improves your sleep patterns. What more could you want?!

    Give exercise a try. You don’t have to spend hours each day to get the effects, even when starting small you’ll see an effect. If you feel you may need a little more support to improve your focus and get a better handle on things, get in touch with Birmingham Counselling Services at: https://birminghamcounsellingservices.co.uk/

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    Understanding the Science of Focus 
    Edited by Anna Perry
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