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  • Understanding the Science of Focus


    At times we all feel overwhelmed from the volumes of material and distractions coming at us, especially with the development of social media, iphones and Netflix. Distractions make us lose our focus and change direction away from our goals. Understanding the science behind the ability to focus can eliminate our troubles.

    A few decades ago, there was a direct shortage of information available to access.  News traveled slowly, especially if it was from the other side of the world. Then the internet came along and revolutionised how receive information forever.

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    Now, we have instantant access 24/7 to sites like amazon. The ‘click to buy’ trade has transformed into a global market. News headlines bombard us from everywhere at all times. Social media means we never need to feel alone with friends at our fingertips, no matter where we are. The multitudes of distractions on offer mean it’s difficult to focus on tasks and ultimately achieve success.

    Impulse Control

    In order to succeed we must develop strategies to combat this. We need to practice cognitive skills that help us to control our thoughts and impulses. A well rehearsed expert in this would be someone who’s turned down a sugary delight instead of ruining their diet.

    Impulse control can help attention spans, especially in children. In fact in many cases this ability was a better predictor of success than higher intelligence. The question is do you have it?

    Marshmallow Test

    Try the Standord Marshmallow Test. If you can resist the impulse to eat the fluffy marshmallow in front on you for just 15 minutes, then you will be allowed to eat two.

    If you can stop yourself from eating the marshmallow then you can stop yourself from becoming distracted. Impulse control is a key part of the ability to focus.

    Being able to block out all distractions and focus on one particular activity you enjoy is a skill that helps develop your focusing powers. The list of activities you can use to do this is endless. With everything from computer skills to yoga to tae-kwan-do. Focus is not a skill specific to one activity, it can be transferred into all other aspects of your life.

    Relax and Focus

    With the rapid progression in technology it’s no wonder our minds are struggling to keep up. But by finding ways to train your brain you can empower yourself to be able to focus properly. Bringing with it a sense of achievement, self-esteem and positive energy.

    For some of us the challenge isn’t as simple as switching your phone onto silent. If you need some extra support to be able to live the life you want to, get in touch with Birmingham Counselling Services at: https://birminghamcounsellingservices.co.uk/

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