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  • Top 3 Tips To Survive Black Friday

    With Black Friday just around the corner, a dark cloud of dread is looming in the air for those working in retail. But don’t worry! We’re here to guide you through surviving one of the busiest days in the retailing world.

    Difficult customers come in a range of personality types: angry, intimidating, impatient, demanding, indecisive.. The basics to dealing with the day and irate customers is to

    1. Keep calm
    2. Tune in
    3. Check in

    Top3TipsToSurviveBlackFriday1. Just like the popular poster says, “Keep calm and carry on serving.”

    Keeping your cool ensures that the encounter does not escalate into a shouting match. When you react in a way that mirrors an angry customer, it can fuel their anger and they may try to shout you down. By remaining calm, you remove their excuse for getting louder.

    When working in a hectic environment you will feel the stress mounting. This may lower your tolerance levels and make you want to retaliate to impatient customers. Act firm but fair with your customers. By keeping your cool and smiling calmly when interacting or directing customers to join the back of the queue will keep you in a position of control.

    2. Secondly, tune in to what your customer is saying.

    Don’t jump to any conclusions about who is right or wrong in a confrontation. Instead, just listen. By demonstrating that you are listening in a patient manner and asking questions to clarify the source of your customer’s displeasure, you will disarm them and hopefully resolve the issue sooner!

    If you can’t help the customer, explain why and redirect them as necessary. Always make sure that your customer’s query or issue is dealt with and professionally.

    Often this will require making a decision – which means adhering to the spirit of your company’s policy on the situation. Remember, policies are only guidelines and should never be used as an excuse to ignore the situation.

    3. And finally, check in.

    Ensure that you are present for the briefing before your shift begins, and have a clear plan of action. This means agreeing on break times, knowing where to clock off, learning your colleagues names and arranging signals to communicate effectively.

    The key to surviving Black Friday is to keep reminding yourself that the chaos won’t last forever, and, if and when possible, embrace the madness!

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    Edited by Samantha Turner
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