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  • Tips for Staying Focused and Productive

    The Uphill Battle of Low Productivity

    When you struggle to stay focused, low productivity can make the day seem like an uphill battle. Everyday life throws all sorts of distractions at you and having the discipline to concentrate on one task is not always easy.

    This can zap your motivation making you feel as though you’re not able to do the things you want to. Both stress and anxiety can leave us unable to function as usual. An unfocused person is just as capable of success. Their productivity just needs to be given a kickstart. Bringing a serious and much needed boost to their self-esteem. So what are you waiting for? Use our top tips for staying focused:

    • Eliminate distractions. –

    Create a quiet, relaxing work environment. Try putting your phone on silent to avoid irrelevant notifications and plug into relaxing music to tune out busy atmospheres. Having headphones in can also deter co-workers or family who tend to interrupt you when you’re working. Making sure you have snacks on hand both prevents hunger and makes working that tiny bit nicer.

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    • Break down your task. –

    Viewing your task in bite-sized pieces makes it less daunting. Write each small task down and cross them off when complete. Sometimes starting the day with a few smaller tasks helps you work towards completing a bigger one. By being able to view your progress you’ll feel more productive and this will motivate you to work harder.

    • Focus on one computer task at a time.

    If you’re always checking email, Facebook or Twitter posts, you’ll have trouble completing a computer task. Before you start sign out of all social media and set a timer for how long you want to work, you’ll have a better chance at getting things done. When the timer goes off, you’ve earnt yourself 5 minutes of internet time to use as you like. Giving yourself a little recharge before returning to work.

    • Work to your routine

    Find out when your most productive times are. Are you a morning person? Or do you work better in the evenings? Aim to complete the most difficult tasks at a time when you feel most in-tune and leave the minor ones to your less focused times.

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    Navigating a difficult time in life can make you lose your focus, being able to talk things through can help you live the life you want to lead. To get in touch with one of our experts at Birmingham Counseling Services visit: https://birminghamcounsellingservices.co.uk/

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