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  • Tips for a Distraction Free Work Environment

    If only sitting down to work was that simple. In today’s society we have more distractions keeping us from focusing than ever before. We have to deal with phone calls, texts, emails, social media sites and colleagues. The list of distractions goes on and on.

    We are social beings that enjoy the distraction of catching up with our co-workers. At home we are presented with the challenge of balancing tasks with children, pets and household chores. In order to get the most out of your working day, you need to create a distraction free environment that allows you to focus. This more efficient approach will give you more time to enjoy as you please.

    Here’s how to generate your new, productive workplace:

    Silence Your Phone.

    As a nation we are all glued to our phones. We’re in constant contact with the world. However, always being on alert for a call or text can interrupt your train of thought and not everything needs to be responded to immediately. You don’t need to ignore calls all day, just set a  limit on the number of times you check your messages and get to work in the meantime.

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    Use A Social Media Blocking App.

    Many businesses use social media to connect with their clients. As a result you can get sucked into spending hours on these sites if you’re not careful. But using StayFocused or Mail Timer on Gmail limits the amount of time you allow yourself to spend. Your self discipline will determine how much time that is and the app ensures you stick to it. Hence the distraction of social media can be successfully conquered.

    Keep To-Do Lists.

    At times we’re all a little scatter brained because we are transfixed in two minds between personal life and work life. Keeping a list means you never have to forget something you need to do and you don’t need to change gears between tasks. Ticking tasks off at the end of the day shows you how much progress you’ve made. Giving yourself a little pick-me-up after a jam packed day.

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    Set Boundaries.

    Setting boundaries with coworkers, family, and friends who interrupt your work isn’t easy.  Try practicing a polite conversation letting people know that you need to get back to work and you’ll be happy to talk to them later.  Or avoid this distraction entirely by wearing headphones whilst you’re working because this clearly lets them know when you’re open to talking and when to come back later.

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