• The Pomodoro Technique

    Stress is inevitable. No matter how hard you strive to improve your lifestyle, you’ll find that there will always be some forms of stress remaining, whether it be deadlines, concerns or incomplete work.

    Pomodoro Technique

    One way to manage your time and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, is to focus on your ability to compartmentalise.


    What do we mean by ‘compartmentalise’? In other words, it’s about being able to switch off from your worries.

    For example, when you log off at work and head home, you need to learn to leave your work behind. Otherwise you’ll constantly be stressed. You won’t be able to focus on time with your family and you won’t be able to sleep.

    Work when you’re working, and rest when you’re resting. It sounds obvious but it can be pretty challenging. So we’ve found a technique to help you manage your time more effectively…

    Introducing the Pomodoro Technique

    Pomodoro Technique

    What is this, you ask? Essentially this technique is a tool used to improve productivity and can be applied to well, anything!

    It works by breaking up your working hours into smaller segments. The process typically involves taking a timer and setting it for a period of time in which you work solidly – usually 25 minutes. When the time is up, you then allow yourself 10 minutes to recover and rest, before getting back to work.

    Knowing that you’ll be getting a short break soon should allow you to focus on what you’re working on, with complete clarity, and hopefully achieve more.

    Pomodoro Technique

    When having a break you should be able to relax completely without having to worry about work. If you didn’t complete what you wanted to within the time, don’t worry! Continue with your work in the next working time slot before moving onto the next task!

    Aforementioned, the secret to success is to work solidly when you’re working and to switch off completely when you’re relaxing. There’s no point in ‘half working’ or procrastinating – you may as well just be getting some proper relaxation time!

    Pomodoro TechniqueWhy are we using an image of a tomato? Well, pomodoro relates to tomatoes! Random, right? Funky little pomodoro timers can be purchased at http://pomodorotechnique.com/.
    If you’re worried about disturbing coworkers with an alarm, there are numerous timers with silent alarms you can purchase or use online.

    For more information and advice on how to manage stress effectively, we’re here at Birmingham Counselling Services on 0121 314 9903, or contact us via the Contact page of this website.

    Edited by Samantha Turner
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