• Pamper Your Body! Have a Massage! Get Rid Of Stress!

    Massages can reduce stressStress can prove to be disastrous to our everyday routines. If your body reaches its limit then it will let you know in ways that will make it difficult for you to continue with your normal life.

    Before this happens take some time off and take care of yourself before it’s too late. Here are a few suggestions :

    A massage can work wonders

    If you don’t get much exercise because of your hectic work schedule, try letting the experts take care of your body for you. If you live and work in a town or city, make the time to have a massage in one of the local spas. There are plenty of techniques which skilled masseurs can use that will help you to get rid of stress and keep going.

    Take some time off during your lunch break (Take your lunch break!) and visit a health spa near you. (If you live and work in a rural area you might need to allow more time, but remember that the benefits should be very cost effective.) Ask about treatments on offer and their costs and durations and decide on the pampering for you (See below*) Book the session, turn up for it, and don’t feel guilty – taking care of yourself will make you far more effective in every aspect of your life, work included.

    *Kinds of massage

    Before you indulge in pampering your body through massage therapy, you might want to know about the different services which might be on offer in health spas in your area. Knowing what the technique is and what it can do for you might be helpful as you ask questions and make your choice:

    1. Shiatsu. This ancient technique originated in Japan. Shiatsu involves the use of fingers and palms to apply pressure on certain areas of your body to relieve the accumulation of imbalance in your anatomy. This massage is claimed to be perfect for stiffness and headaches caused by circulatory problems resulting from stress.

    2. Thai Massage. Thai massage applies more pressure than the traditional Shiatsu. This therapy is claimed to reduce stress and improve your range of movement and flexibility. It involves a lot of stretching, like yoga, and the good news is that the masseur/therapist will guide your body from one posture to another. You don’t have to think about it – heavenly.

    3. Hot Stone Massage. If you are suffering from aches and pains in your muscles, this kind of massage could be perfect for you. Heated rocks are placed on certain points of your body to apply warmth and loosen tense muscles which inhibit movement and cause pain. The therapist will apply slow pressure and friction to these areas to relax the muscles further.

    4. Aromatherapy. This massage technique uses scents of certain oils to help you to relax during the session. A person who suffers emotion-related stress might choose aromatherapy rather than other massage techniques. The procedure uses scented oils (often lavender for its calming qualities) on your body, along with soothing massage to loosen muscles while putting you in a relaxed state of mind. This kind of massage often leaves you feeling drowsy immediately after the session but energizes you later.

    There are other treatments, of course – these are four of the most popular. A professional masseur/therapist should be able to discuss your needs with you and guide you towards what might suit you best.

    Choosing the best massage to suit your needs could be the first step in reducing your stress.

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