• The Importance of Creating a Morning and Evening Routine

    How many of us have been guilty of oversleeping and rushing around in the morning in a battle against the clock? Needless to say this can be destructive to our productivity later on. For instance, you may have not have had any ironed shirts ready. The knock on effect is that you have to show up to a meeting either late or looking unprofessional. Or you may have left something important at home.

    Getting yourself into a regular morning routine is a fantastic way to start your day on the right foot. It avoids unnecessary hassle later in the day and will get you in the right mindset. The morning is a block of time that will almost always be free from interruption; this means that you can use it to complete useful tasks.


    Need some inspiration? Here are some useful morning routine tips…

    The Morning Routine

    Healthy Breakfast – We don’t need to tell you that breakfast is an important meal to your day. However, we recommend that you keep a consistent and healthy menu to ensure that you have fuelled yourself with all the nutrients that you need to function at your best!

    Exercise – You’ll begin your day with more energy and enthusiasm by exercising. Even if you just do a few press ups and pull ups, this can make a difference and you can be sure to have burned at least a few calories before you start the day!

    News – Reading the news is a perfect way to keep up to date with events and to start your day. If you struggle for time, why not switch the News programme on your TV or your device whilst you get ready?

    To-Do List –  This is a great way of setting out your goals for the day!

    The Evening Routine

    Having a routine to your evenings will help to book end the day. It will also set you up for a productive following day and to follow through with your morning routine. Here are a couple of tips…

    Preparation – Save yourself time tomorrow by laying yourself out clothes and making a packed lunch. Whilst you’re at it, why not lay out that gym kit?

    Write a Journal – This is a great way to reflect on the day just gone!

    By adding a morning and evening routine in to your life, this should help you to feel more productive and accomplish more during the rest of the day, even if it’s just a couple of small changes!

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