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  • Good Habits Are the Mind’s Magic Potion

    Each day your mind leads you in a certain direction. You forge through daily activities like brushing your teeth or drinking your cup of coffee out of habit. What if there was a way to put your firmly back in charge of your daily choices? Learning about how to control your mind could be your magic potion to forming the good habits that determine your success.

    How to Beat Your Subconscious

    The subconscious mind can sabotage your good habit resolutions. This can explain why many people fail a diet they began at new year. Their subconscious mind decided it wasn’t keen on being deprived of the comfort of high calorie food. As a result it repeatedly drew us into the temptation of cake until finally we caved. If we engage with our conscious minds we can exert influence over the subconscious and override bad habits with good ones.

    In order to see your commitment to a good habit last you can use our mind’s magic potion to lead you to ultimate success. Simply follow our list of ingredients below:


    – Unless you develop a strong dedication to your goals, your efforts to create good habits could fade away. True commitment means planning ahead to be able to overcome the temptations of the subconscious before you begin to weaken. Achieving this involves always trying to keep the finishing line in mind.

    Engage in the hardest tasks during your most productive time

    – Figure out what times suit you best and when your concentration starts to waver. If you’re more productive in the mornings play to your strengths. Try scheduling your day so that you engage in the most difficult activities during this time. When you repeat this regularly it will become a lasting habit. One excellent example is exercising in the morning in order to set an invigorating tone for the rest of your day.

    Good habits, habit, bad habits, break bad habits, magic potion, time, productivity, work, counselling, birminghamQuickly replace negative thoughts with positive ones

    – Those negative thoughts that seem to come from nowhere sometimes appear from your subconscious mind by letting buried emotions into your conscious mind. If these thoughts are allowed to linger they can sabotage your progress by introducing self-doubt into the equation.  The alternative is to build up self belief and optimism to override any negativity. Due to positive thoughts being the main ingredient in our magic potion to help you build positive habits.

    Identify what you want –

    When your desires are firmly embedded in your mind, it’s difficult to be led astray. A vague picture is more difficult to plan for and achieve. Therefore visualising a vivid picture of what success will look like and holding onto that image when temptation strikes can keep you on track.

    Forming good habits enables you to overcome obstacles and unlocks your full potential. Some bad habits can be particularly challenging to break and negative thoughts hard to ignore. Support can help you through this and this is why Birmingham Counselling Services are here to help, get in touch at: https://birminghamcounsellingservices.co.uk/

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