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  • How to Get More Quiet and Nature in Your Life

    When it comes to beating information overload, one of the biggest hurdles is actually trying to escape from the incessant bombardment of notifications, entertainment and data. Is there any wonder we’re all so wired when we spend our days sat behind a screen fuelled by caffeine, to return to our homes and do the exact same thing?

    Sometimes you need to inject a little quiet and some natural light into your routine. By allowing yourself some space and freedom you will feel much more relaxed, and have a more positive outlook on life. Read on for some tips on how to do that…


    1. Go for a Walk

    Going for a walk will give you time to think and to get some fresh air.

    You’re probably thinking that you don’t have time for this; the key here is to work it into your routine.

    One way is by making existing walks a little longer. Do you walk to the bus? Then try leaving five minutes earlier and taking a nice detour. If you have a park, canal or area or greenery nearby why not spend 10 minutes a day strolling around the area?

    2. Wind Down

    One very good habit to get into is to wind down before you sleep. We recommend you take half an hour to read a book or engage in relaxing activity that doesn’t involve technology. During the half an hour, restrain yourself from looking at any screens, including your smartphone.

    If you’re thinking to yourself: I don’t have time to spend half an hour without your screens, well the answer is that you do – even if it means going to bed half an hour later! If you can’t manage half an hour, try 15 minutes to begin with. The idea is that this will help you sleep better anyway, so consider it an investment. Partner distracting you? Get them to do the same!

    Reading is particularly good because it requires sustained attention, but perhaps you don’t want to read. In that case we suggest writing a journal or following a meditation routine instead – which leads us on to tip number 3…

    3. Practice Meditation

    There’s a stigma attached to meditation whereby many people are reluctant to practice. If you’re stressed, then what’s stopping you from giving it a try? ‘Headspace’ is a great app to get started. Alternatively, you can find lots of tutorials on YouTube.

    If you can find 10 minutes to practice some meditation in your day, then it will greatly increase your ability to focus, to keep a calm mindset and to be more positive.

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    Edited by Samantha Turner
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