• Get Your Power Back with Forgiveness

    Anger and Resentment Steal Your Power 

    When something has happened to shatter your trust in another person (especially someone you love), anger and resentment come naturally for a long period of time. We hand over power to these feelings by keeping them constantly at the forefront of our minds. Forgiveness can change this.

    These self-destructive emotions steal the power you possess. Failing to escape your past can make you feel like a victim or you lose sight of what you’re capable of. The force of forgiveness can give you power over your thoughts and emotions again.

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    Sometimes we stop ourselves from forgiving because we think it “lets them get away with it”. Forgiveness has barely any effect for anyone else involved. Instead it’s all about giving yourself permission to put it in the past and move on with your life.

    Why Should I Forgive?

    Who wouldn’t want to unlock a type of peace and calm needed to launch your life forward? It stops painful memories from stalking you forever by stopping them interfering with your present and banishing them into your past. For good.

    When you relive the past on a constant basis, you remain in a state of limbo, where your mind and actions center around the past rather than recovery.

    Until you use the power of forgiveness to release yourself from the inward and outward signs of fear, guilt, anger and frustration, these negative feelings will cling to you for a long time to come. Negativity and stress even impact upon your physical well-being by making you less able to fight off diseases. Only when you let go can you watch your transformation into the most powerful version of you.

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    How to Forgive

    Keep in mind that forgiveness has no definite timeline. Only when you’re ready can you move on. What other’s say are of little consequence. Be mindful and listen to your thoughts, if anger appears to be in charge make an effort to shift into a happier, more positive frame of mind.

    It may be helpful to write down what you’re thinking and feeling. Don’t leave anything out. The act of physically holding (or even destroying) your past can be therapeutic and help get your power back.

    Counselling gives you the tools you need to get your power back by helping you gain control over these negative emotions to gain clarity. Get in touch with the experts at Birmingham Counselling Services now at:https://birminghamcounsellingservices.co.uk/

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    Edited by Anna Perry
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