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  • Four Common Causes of Stress and How to Deal With Them

    When most of us are stressed, it is for a reason. We may be stressed because of work, because of a deadline or because of debt. The causes of stress can sometimes be quite small, but build up over time if not dealt with correctly. This then raises our blood pressure and makes us feel a little less calm and relaxed, and can have a significant impact on our health.

    So let’s take a look at four of the biggest culprits: work, the commute, ‘open loops’ and money.

    1. Work

    StressIf your main stressor is work, then chances are that you can break this down and action changes. If you have a colleague you don’t like, you could ask to be moved to another part of the office. Likewise, if your workspace is uncomfortable, you could speak to HR about getting a new chair, or decorate your desk with a couple of homely items. Workload too big? Then speak to someone and ask to have it shared!

    2. The Commute

    According to the ONS, with every successive minute of travelling to work our feelings of happiness and life satisfaction decreases, thus making us more stressed. It can be particularly stressful walking to work with hundreds of other people moving in the opposite direction – especially if you’re running late or if you have a long way to travel.FourCommonCausesOfStress

    One solution is to avoid the rush hour and ask your employer for a more flexible contract: such as working 8am-4pm instead of 9am-5pm. Perhaps you could look at other ways of travelling, like cycling or lift sharing. If commuting is your main stressor, why not consider a job closer to home?

    3. ‘Open Loops’

    FourCommonCausesOfStressAndHowToDealWithThem4Many of us have lots of little jobs in the back of our minds that we keep putting off. These are referred to as ‘open loops’ and, when failing to attend to them our energy, focus and positivity can be drained. Rather than letting these drag on, we suggest you deal with them as soon as possible to relieve yourself of unnecessary stress!

    4. Money

    Money is a huge stressor and is responsible for many sleepless nights.Stress We suggest that you make a list of all your expenses and see where you can cut back. Creating a budget and making alterations to your lifestyle could make a huge difference and hopefully help you to get back in the black!

    Rather than worrying about the stresses in life alone, communication is key. Contact us at Birmingham Counselling Services on 0121 314 9903 or via the Contact page to see how we can help you.

    Edited by Samantha Turner
    Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-26190236 (Accessed: 21/07/2016)
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