• Emotional Eating: Taster Session


    Eating for comfort: how to fight the battle between emotions and eating

    Tuesday 10th September 2013

    Cost: Free.  Time: 6.30 – 8.00 pm

    Places are limited to 10 per session


    Why do we eat when we’re not hungry?

    What is the powerful grip that food has on us and our eating habits?

    How does food make us feel better when nothing else can?

    Food is a powerful tool that we use to comfort ourselves when nothing else can; it helps keep unwanted feelings at bay; it’s our reward to ourself when no-one else acknowledges us; it can even be a punishment.

    Food has a powerful role in our lives and it’s a power that goes much deeper than we know.

    Our relationship with food begins the moment we are born; it is essential to our survival and as we grow the relationship evolves and becomes more and more complex.

    Your relationship to food is unique to you. Come along to our taster session to understand more about your food journey, your food habits and how to free yourself from the hold food has.

    If you enjoy the taster session and want to learn more, why not sign up for our one day workshop on 5 October?

    To reserve a place, call Kyla on 0121 314 7075

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