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  • How to Combat Negative Emotions With Mindfulness

    When we’re upset, most of us will react by trying to ignore it. We will pretend that we’re fine – or take out our frustrations on our loved ones. As you probably would have guessed, none of these approaches are particularly helpful or effective in combating negative feelings.

    When we experience negative emotions it can rob us of our rationality. This becomes especially apparent if we try to deny it, if we try to suppress it or if we generally don’t treat it the way we should.

    So, you may be feeling very stressed, anxious or depressed. This could be after having an argument with your partner. Maybe you’ve received some bad news or have had a bad day at work. Perhaps you just got out of the wrong side of bed!

    Negative Emotions

    Either way, you’re now in a position where you feel low and begin to view everything through a negative light. If prolonged or if you experience negative emotions frequently then this can have serious consequences on your health.

    You may find that whenever you try to combat negative emotions, you are unsuccessful. You can’t help but dwell on what a bad day you’ve had or how your situation is never going to change. Mindfulness can be used as a tool to try and combat anxiety and depression.

    So, what is mindfulness?

    Mindfulness is a cognitive behavioural technique that enables you to develop an awareness of your mind, and of your own emotions. The basic idea is to detach yourself from your body and simply observe your emotions and sensations without judgement.

    It’s not about ignoring emotions. Rather, it’s about observing them. So if you ever feel angry, acknowledge this by naming the emotion ‘anger’ and let it pass. Remember that this feeling is only temporary. This can be applied to whatever emotion or sensation you may be experiencing.

    By doing so you will be able to distance yourself from the kinds of ruminations that can cause stress, phobias, depression, and so on. You will also develop a better understanding as to how your own mind works.


    Any negative emotions you experience will be become more manageable through mindfulness. Further, you will be able to view things from a more positive and objective viewpoint.

    Contact us at Birmingham Counselling Services on 0121 314 9903, for more information on how cognitive behavioural therapy techniques can help to control negative emotions. A mindfulness approach towards situations can help to relieve stress, lower blood pressure and treat mental health issues.

    Edited by Samantha Turner
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