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  • Do You Always Have to Take Huge Steps?

    If you want to improve yourself then acknowledging this, and identifying exactly what you want to change, is a great start!

    The main question is how to go about self-improvement and what the best route is to take. Perhaps you want to be more efficient at work, have more confidence in social settings or generally be a healthier and happier you. So, in order to better ourselves do we always have to take huge steps?

    How many times have you heard the phrases ‘turn over a new leaf’ and ‘start afresh’? Said as though it’s possible to just hit that ‘reset’ button and that everything will be perfect right away.


    Unfortunately the reality is that when we jump into change, really we are setting ourselves up for a downfall. Whilst we might get off to a good start and feel motivated, the fact is that it is not sustainable. Many of us are under the assumption that the best types of changes we can make are those ‘big steps’ when in fact the best self-improvement usually involves taking much smaller steps.

    It’s About Changing Habits

    Rather than changing your life completely, make smaller steps by altering your routine gradually. This generally involves breaking out of existing habits and introducing new ones. Habits form due to repetition which eventually strengthens connections in the brain. When habits have been repeated several times, they become second nature to us.

    If you’re trying to change a habit, then you’re going to be exerting a lot of energy as you’re basically fighting against this natural inclination each time you perform that action. To be successful in changing a habit this requires a lot of focus and willpower. That’s why making a drastic change, or trying to change twenty things at once, will not get you very far.

    You’re fighting a losing battle if you’re going from no exercise to 10 hours a week, or committing yourself to too many routine changes. Instead, try introducing just one small new habit at a time. Once you’ve conditioned yourself to the change then you can move on and try to introduce another ‘small step’. Over time, these build up and begin to have profound impacts on your life.

    Just like the Tortoise and the Hare, slow and steady wins the race!


    If you want to better yourself for the benefit of yourself or your loved ones, contact us at Birmingham Counselling Services on 0121 314 9903 or via the Contact page. You may find that Counselling, Therapy and our Workshops can be that first step towards improving your life!

    Edited by Samantha Turner
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