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  • 5 Tips to Kick Bad Habits To the Curb

    Bad habits can hold you back professionally, affect your home life and even impact upon your health. We can all kid ourselves that our bad habit is not that bad, but take a moment to think about all the areas of your life it affects.

    There’s no quick fix for beating bad habits, but luckily we’re here to help you! Take a look at our tips to kick your bad habits to the curb:

    1. Determine what you’re getting from the habit

      – Knowing why you formed it in the first place can help you to conquer it. Some people over indulge in chocolatey foods because they find it comforting. Therefore discovering new ways of finding this comfort can create a way of satisfying the need in a healthier way.

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    2. Are you sabotaging yourself?

      – Bad habits die hard. One reason for this is because our environment shapes our learning and provides powerful triggers for certain behaviours. These triggers can even change our heart-rates in anticipation of receiving our chocolate fix. This biological change drives us to seek out the dairy milk we are trying to avoid. Actively making changes to your surroundings will reduce the number of triggers around you. One way might be by spending time with people with similar goals or by removing certain foods, drinks or objects from your home. As a result of minimising the number of reminders you’re more likely to stick to your goal.  Figure out what your secret sabotage methods are and stop holding yourself back.

    3. Change your routine

      – Many good intentions have been ruined by boredom. Making a positive change to suit what you’re interested in unlocks new found freedom from bad habits! Have fun with it.

    4. Small changes can break big habits

      – Chipping away at a bad habit makes a big difference. For example if you allow yourself one chocolate fix every weekend as part of your diet then you’re less likely to cave in mid week. Therefore if you set a pace you’re comfortable with these changes become more sustainable. These baby steps take time but when once you realise you can ditch your habit for good you’ll never look back.

    5. Set reasonable and do-able goals

      – Most diets fail because the changes are too restrictive and unsustainable because big changes can be daunting. Committing to smaller lifestyle choices increases your likelihood of success. When each small step becomes a habit, push yourself and take it to the next level.

      Many habits become ingrained in our life. It can be hard to kick the old, bad habits out.  If you need help to unlock your potential, get in touch with Birmingham Counselling Services at: https://birminghamcounsellingservices.co.uk/


      Edited by Anna Perry
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