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Stress & Managing Change

We live in a stressful world, with little or no time to relax, to take stock, to take care of ourselves, of others, of our relationships.  Some stress is normal – a completely stress-free life would be unhealthy as we need adrenalin to survive.  However, when we experience too much stress our work and personal lives get out of balance, our health suffers, and we lose our capacity for enjoying life.

One of the aspects of coping with stress is by learning to manage our time.  This not the answer to everything but it is a very significant part of tackling extreme stress, of balancing the demands of work life and personal life, finding time to fit in a social life, exercise, relaxation, and even sleep.

Other approaches include examining the stressors and separating the genuine from the band-wagon jumpers, (when we feel stressed that feeling leaks into all areas of our lives), learning techniques for helping ourselves to relax and unwind, considering our diet, cutting down on caffeine, alcohol and other maskers of the real situation – there are numerous techniques and skills which can make a difference.

Why not speak to one of our counsellors to find out how one-to-one counselling could help you explore the causes of your stress and help you acquire the skills to tackle it?  Simply call 0121 314 9903 or contact us via the Contact Form.

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