Karen Rhodes


Are you seeing the world from a dark place?

At times we all struggle and need help. This could be because of major life changes such as Bereavement, Relationship breakdown or difficulties, or because of an Historical Trauma that is continuing to cause difficulties in the present. It can also be difficult to cope with Health related issues both physical and psychological or it can simply be the pressure of dealing with the million daily issues that make up modern life.

Most of the time we manage to get through the tough times but sometimes it is hard to see the way forward and to carry the burden of difficult thoughts alone. Talking to a professional Counsellor can help ease that burden by sharing your thoughts and emotions with someone who will not judge you. Someone who is not emotionally involved in the way friends and family are, who is objective and has no agenda other than helping you to achieve your goals.

I provide a one to one counselling service based on an Integrative Counselling model.  I work collaboratively with you to explore your experience of life and how you came to this difficult place. Working together we can empower you to take control of your situation. The goal of the work being to help you gain understanding and insight which helps you to make choices that allow you to move forward into a more positive and happier future.

Accessing counselling is a big commitment emotionally and financially but it is a positive investment in yourself and your future. If you would like to explore how Counselling could help you I am contactable by phone or email and I am happy to discuss possible options.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

A member of BACP since 2014, I graduated from Newman University with a FD in Integrative Counselling.

I currently work in both my Private Practice and also in the Voluntary Sector, based in a local Family Centre. I work with clients facing a wide range of Family issues, both current and historical which are having a negative impact on their daily lives. This can also include issues around anxiety and low confidence or self-esteem, addictive or obsessive behaviours. I also see clients with a history of abuse and sexual identity issues.

I previously worked in a busy Occupational Therapy Department in the NHS where clients faced a range of work and non-work related concerns.

I work with a wide range of issues, including Abuse, Anxiety, Addictive behaviour, Bereavement, Depression, Family breakdown, Illness, Loss, Low self-esteem, Relationship problems, Sexuality, Stress, and Work related issues.

Availability: Monday Afternoons at the Custard Factory

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