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  • Here’s a Unique Relationship Saver!


    The student needs to revise, the employee must be on time for work and the house needs to be cleaned. Discipline is widely regarded as a key for success and needs to be applied to relationships too. This may sound odd but it makes sense. If you truly love someone discipline is needed to do what’s best for them. It’s the willpower needed to make a relationship work.

    With so many things on our plate, its easy to understand that prioritising your relationship is difficult. Creative energy is zapped by other responsibilities, leaving little left for the one you love most.

    Prioritising tasks at work and home come naturally. Prioritising actions to grow your relationship is much harder. In order to combat this, choose to spend your creative energy on your partner. Try to avoid people who drain too much of your energy by making quality time your priority. As well as saying no to the voice of temptation.

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    Positive Energy

    Discover what your positive energy sources are. Having fun in your relationship makes the perception of your relationship more positive. As a result you’ll being to associate your partner with happiness and look forward to spending more time with them. The anticipation of happiness is a great motivator to keep this commitment going.

    Identifying your strengths and weaknesses whilst focusing upon positive behaviours can enhance your relationship. You may become selfish or jealous when your partner is too busy to meet your needs because you’ve begun to rely upon your partner. As a result this can make you both unhappy. To avoid this take responsibility for your own happiness. Find what makes you happy and use this to your relationships advantage. Support each other’s independence whilst being disciplined in supporting the time you spend together.

    An honest look at your relationship allows you to take action. Having a disciplined relationship is neither dull nor boring because you make your relationship as exciting as you choose. The freedom gained as you communicate enables you to build a stronger relationship over time.

    Starting this journey can be a steep learning curve. If you need help as to where to begin, get in touch with Birmingham Counseling Services at: https://birminghamcounsellingservices.co.uk/

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