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  • Where to Go When You Need Marriage Advice

    It’s time to be honest. How is your marriage doing?

    Is your husband spending more time sleeping with the sofa than with you? Is communication like talking to a brick wall? Does your marriage feel as dull as watching paint dry?

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    Perhaps tiny things blow up into arguments and at the end of each day you’re left feeling more miserable than the one before. Yet the pure fact you’re reading this article means for whatever reason you have not given up. Perhaps you’ve tried to work it out between yourselves but nothing seems to have helped or the situation is getting worse.

    No matter what you might think, it’s 100% okay to ask for help and advice. Seeking help means your far more likely to overcome problems simply because you are facing up to them. You’re certainly not the first couple to be in a deteriorating marriage. Just because this disagreement cannot be solved at the kitchen table or in the bedroom, does not mean you have failed. Instead it’s time to adopt a new strategy.

    Marriage Counselling

    Before considering the dreaded divorce, try going for marriage counselling. The wide variety of couples counselling has benefited speaks for itself. Quality marriage advice is known to help couples regain respect and learn how to resolve conflicts without resulting to verbal or even physical abuse.

    Conflict can make you feel as if you’re fighting in a marriage war. Therefore it’s good to remind yourselves that you are in fact on the same team. Marriage counselling can help identify particular behaviours that trigger arguments and work to reach peaceful agreements together and to learn to resolve issues.

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    Family and Friends

    Some couples seek marriage advice from their family or friends. However, the best intentions in the world don’t compensate for untrained, perhaps even biased advice. Knowing how best to navigate the complex issues couples face is challenging. On the other hand, you might attend marriage support classes – in general counselling offers a private, more flexible choice.

    The Internet

    The internet has many eBooks and articles on hundreds of marriage related topics, as well as videos and Podcasts aimed at helping marriages in trouble. These are available at your fingertips and from within the comfort and privacy of your home.

    If you have reservations about marriage advice Birmingham Counselling Services are available to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with their fully qualified and highly successful team at: https://birminghamcounsellingservices.co.uk/

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