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  • Why Focus is So Important to Your Success

    Losing your focus can mean you become frustrated and impatient with yourself.

    Anxiety begins to mount about the list of things that are getting done and the next step on the ladder to success can feel like an impossible task. So how can you change this?

    A lack of focus impacts both your home and work life. When you’re more irritable and anxious all your relationships can begin to suffer as a result. In the same way that if you lose focus of how you’re relationships going this can cause friction and affect your mood. This vicious cycle must be broken for you to achieve your full capability.

    Focus involves prioritizing what’s important in your life. If you know where your main troubles lie channel your concentration onto the problem area. For example if your home life is fractious it may be best to transfer your efforts on returning your family life to it’s usual harmony, before taking on a new project at work.

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    This focus keeps us from trying to accomplish too much at one time and can help you to do a better job, simply because we’re giving it all of our attention.

    When we begin a project it’s exciting, but after a while the shine wears off.

    For instance many people are passionate about their new job and accomplish tasks with enthusiasm and energy. As a result of this buzz they may make sacrifices to enhance their career such as working long hours or neglecting their personal lives.

    When things settle down the work isn’t as enjoyable or motivating anymore. The expense of the initial increased effort has hit, we’re tired from lost sleep, not exercising or eating a balanced diet. In addition to this our home life has become a little more tricky. This often causes our focus to begin to waver. Burnout is the predominant reason why many businesses fail a short-time after opening.

    Scattering our energy and attention between too many tasks causes us to lose sight of our original goals. Because we’re unclear what they are, we struggle to know how we plan to achieve them. This is a major contributor towards failure.

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    Focus can be the difference between success and failure. Without this ability it’s easier for problems to creep in and sabotage us whilst our attention is elsewhere.

    A truly successful person can balance their focus between their career and their personal life. If your relationship is suffering because of of lack of focus and you need support to master this balance get in touch with Birmingham Counselling Services.

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