• Emotional Eating


    Saturday 5th October 2013

    Cost: £85.00    Time: 10.00 – 4.30 pm

    Places are limited to 10

    Includes lunch and refreshments.
    Why do we eat when we’re not hungry?

    What is the powerful grip that food has on us and our eating habits?

    How does food make us feel better when nothing else can?

    This one-day workshop will look at our relationship with food and help to put us back in control.  During the day you will:

    • Begin to understand your own unique food journey.
    • Learn what is beneath your own ‘need’ to eat.
    • Untangle yourself from feelings of guilt by understanding the role food has played in your life, and begin to release the power it has over you.
    • Free yourself from feelings of uncontrollable eating by making connections to the emotions that trigger these feelings.
    • Learn tools that will help you control your urges.

    We will show you how to map out your own food journey and the food habits that you learnt along the way – and how to take charge of these habits.

    Take a quiz to see what sort of ‘eater’ you are – and understand how food is used to regulate your mood.

    Understand the mood to control the food.

    To reserve a place, call Kyla on 0121 314 7075



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