• Vanessa Farrell


    Stress, anxiety, depression is no longer such a taboo subject, yet we often tell ourselves, I can cope with this myself or maybe nobody will want to listen because nobody has time, or how about I’m too ashamed and I blame myself so I will cope with this by myself…… Well I am here to offer you the space to speak the unspoken and explore worrying thoughts together.
    The problem might be a recent incident that has left you feeling unsettled or a long standing concern deep rooted in unresolved trauma that has affected on your life. For example, sleepless nights, social anxiety, fear or relationship problems, performance at work as a result.

    One way or another you are not alone, it has been said that throughout a lifetime we all will experience some form of mental health issue be it mild to severe.
    When accessing counselling with me you will be at the heart of my practice with the belief that establishing a good therapeutic relationship based on warmth, empathy and readiness is our best starting point. If you need to be heard, I am here to listen without prejudice at your pace. If you are struggling to find a way forward to overcome anxiety and want coping strategies, we can explore together.

    I have been a qualified counsellor from since 2006. I am down to earth, equality driven counsellor with experience of working with clients from a diverse background with multiple issues. When you are ready to take the step, please get in touch for a brief free telephone consultation.

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    • Supervision : No
    • Location : Custard Factory
    • Days : Sunday
    • Evenings : Sunday
    • Specialties : Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Relationships, Self Esteem, Suicidal Thoughts, Trauma
    • Concessions : No
    • Gender : Female
    • Counselling Approach : CBT, Person Centered, Psychodynamic, Solution Focused
    • Type of Practitioner : Counsellor
    • Delivery Type : One To One
    • Availability : Yes
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    Custard Factory

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