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    I have seen clients of all ages, from all backgrounds who have expressed concerns relating to depression, stress, lack of confidence, loss of direction, difficult relationships, eating disorder, addictions, bereavement and so on. Clients are unique individuals, therefore each counselling session is a new experience for me in which I continue to learn as a counsellor. I am humbled to be able to help clients to move forward in their lives.

    The counselling approach that I use is Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), I also use CBT when it is necessary. Together, we identify the client’s best hope(s). I listen with empathy to my clients and identify strengths, ways of coping and exceptions that can be used as building blocks for them to move forward. As well as the problems, the client would also be encouraged to talk about other problem-free situations where they can freely talk with the counsellor concerning anything that is not necessarily related to the problem. By so doing, my clients often discover their personal strengths, coping strategies and positive outlook that opens up future ways of moving forward.

    It is because how SFBT is conducted that most clients find they can confidently move on in their lives after a few sessions with me.

    I follow a strict ethical guideline of keeping confidentiality. I offer counselling for individuals or groups.

    Solution Focused Therapy

    Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) was originally a counselling approach, but is now widely used in education, business, health and social care. So it is particularly good for personal development, for anyone who wants to move forward in life and achieve goals. When people identify what is wanted instead of the problem, they would be motivated to take action to achieve goals, this in turn makes SFBT a good coaching model. Because of how it is used, young people (including children) would find the approach more to their ‘wave-length’.

    Training and Course Developing

    Over the years, I have trained up many SF practitioners and counsellors. They learned their skills through a learning pathway I designed and structured comprising levels of qualification from Foundation, Certificate through to Diploma level. The courses were endorsed by BACP and the Foundation Level is approved by BPS.

    I have also been invited to give SF training to groups locally and internationally i.e. in Universities in Hong Kong and Beijing respectively.

    I offer training for individuals and groups.

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    • Listing ID: 36813
    • Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    • Evenings: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    • Specialties: Abuse, Anger Management, Anxiety, Bereavement, Depression, Eating Disorder, Family Therapy, PTSD, Relationships, Self Esteem, Suicidal Thoughts, Trauma
    • Concessions: Yes
    • Gender: Female
    • Counselling Approach: CBT, Solution Focused
    • Type of Practitioner: Counsellor, Life Coach
    • Delivery Type: One To One, Couples, Groups, Online, Phone
    • Availability: Yes
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