Carolyn Hay

Carolyn HayHow I work

I support people with gaining the confidence to acheive life goals, such as career change or setting up a new buisness. I can help you with gaining fresh momentum, dealing with your anxieties and building your confidence.

I specialise in issues people experience at work such as bullying, feeling undervalued, the glass ceiling or facing redundancy. For addressing fears, phobias and addictions, Hypotherapy can be really helpful and often forms part of my work with clients.

Initially we develop an individualised programme of support tailored specifically for you based on your needs using Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypotherapy and Mindfulness.

your initial assessment is free and during this time I fully assess your personal requirements, from which I develop a unique package of support for each individua. Typically we might work together for four to six sessions, depending on what you want to achieve.

So if you are wanting to feel more at ease in you rown skin, reduce your stress levels and/or find your new pathway in life, contact me and we will work on your issues together in partnership.

I also work with employers to support their staff through one on one coaching or in small groups, drawing on my background as a director-manager of a large team in an international business

My Background

I trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching techniques over 15 yeras ago, when as a manager of a large team I realised people need more support than they get from a traditional manager/employee relationship. Using NLP I was able to help my team thrive and flourish, and because this was what I enjoyed doing, I chose to become a Career and Life Coach and trained as a Hypotherapist and Mindfulness guide.

I am registered with the International Coaching Federation, am a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Coach, and have a Hypotherapy Diploma approved by the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Pyschotherapy. I also have an MA and MSc.

How much do sessions cost?

Appointments start from £40 per session, but I always offer discounts for people who are low waged and in genuine need of support.

I am available Saturday Afternoons in Custard Factory


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