• Learn to Recognise Symptoms of Stress in Your Body

    Posted on June 26, 2012 by in Blog

      When people get in touch with Birmingham Counselling Services they very often mention too much stress as a problem they are trying to deal with. And sometimes we become aware of physical symptoms without realising that they are caused by stress rather than by an infection. Our bodies are not separate from our minds […]

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  • The Benefits of Self-Confidence

    Posted on June 23, 2012 by in Blog

    The lack of self-confidence is an issue regularly raised by people who get in touch with Birmingham Counselling Services.  As we all know, a reasonable level of self-confidence and self-esteem is a very positive attribute which affects our whole lives. Sometimes through no fault of our own we lose the vein of self-confidence we were […]

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  • Raising Your Self-Esteem

    Posted on June 20, 2012 by in Blog

    One of the most frequent issues people bring when they make enquiries at Birmingham Counselling Services is how to deal with low self-esteem.  We hope that this article will give you some insight into the ways of dealing with it. We all need self-confidence – it supports us throughout our lives, and especially when we […]

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  • Cooking Up Stress Relief

    Posted on May 29, 2012 by in Blog

    Perhaps it shows through your fidgeting, your nail-biting, or your sleepless nights. You feel as if you are under a great deal of stress, and you are searching for relief. While there are many stress reduction strategies you could use, including medication, perhaps one of the best is one of the easiest: cooking. Even if […]

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  • Building Self Esteem

    Posted on May 26, 2012 by in Blog

    Self esteem is your own personal view of yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We all have different views of ourselves, but keeping a positive outlook will benefit you more than a negative one. Too many people have developed low self esteem for many different reasons (babies are not born underestimating themselves) and they need to […]

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    Keeping calm, and getting things done when on the phone with call centres

    Posted on May 25, 2012 by in Blog

    For most of us, making a telephone call is something that we need to do almost every day, and on some days it may be the case that we need to make quite a few calls. The prospect of spending time on the phone, particularly if it’s dealing with difficult family members or creditors can […]

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  • Exercise: The Ultimate Stress-Reliever

    Posted on May 23, 2012 by in Blog

    Perhaps it’s the result of having a new job, a new friend, a new partner, a new baby. You are overwhelmed with a feeling of excitement yet you feel inadequate as well – you are under stress. At times you might feel as if there’s no relief in sight, as if you’re on a treadmill. […]

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  • Pamper Your Body! Have a Massage! Get Rid Of Stress!

    Posted on May 14, 2012 by in Blog

    Stress can prove to be disastrous to our everyday routines. If your body reaches its limit then it will let you know in ways that will make it difficult for you to continue with your normal life. Before this happens take some time off and take care of yourself before it’s too late. Here are […]

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  • Dating with Confidence

    Posted on May 11, 2012 by in Blog

    A first date can be a nerve-wracking experience for many people. After all, you could be meeting your future partner. You might be feeling very vulnerable. The point of dating is usually to get to know someone else on an intimate level, or at least to begin the process.  Normally we want to make a […]

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  • Are You Stressed Out by Your Marriage?

    Posted on May 8, 2012 by in Blog

    You might remember when you saw your future mate for the first time, or the moment you realized that this was the person you were going to marry. Those memories are special reminders of the excitement of a new relationship, of the euphoria that comes when you have fallen in love. They’re moments that you’d […]

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